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Belgian synth-pop duo Shindu are preparing their third EP ‘Just Go’ and it will be released on Jerry Bouthier’s Continental Records on November 5. Apparently the band has shrunk to a duo, but their latest single follows a similar path to their previous releases on Kitsune (Happy House) and Kiez Beats (All In My Fridge).

If you like your synth-pop garish and over-the-top you’ll be right at home – but we can’t help but feel they’ve got one too many eyes on t dancefloor, which might be better served trying to make really good pop music a la the Knife, rather than over-the-top synth pop. It might actually be the case that less would be a lot more for Shindu.

The package comes with a stunning remix from Cyclist – which having heard only a couple of minutes of might be the one of the strongest songs on the EP.

Grab the Jerry Bouthier remix for free and grab the whole EP on November 5.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.