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If you’ve been reading this blog, or any of the other great blogs out there, then you’ll have probably come across the French electro up-start Monsieur Adi. To say Adi is prolific would be an understatement. He’s always making remixes, re-edits, and originals. Well, this week saw the release of his ‘Fire Fire Fire’ EP.

When you fire up the EP (no pun intended) you know you’re listening to a release that is a marquee moment for the artist. It’s firmly rooted in the realm of French electro, but rather the just trying to make the biggest bangers Adi tries to inject a narrative: the fall of the Roman Empire.

The intro is a swashbuckling-ly beautiful concerto of violins, it immediately sets that tone for the EP and grabs the listener with an intro that so far from run-of-the-mill it makes you stand up and take notice. The EP then moves into top gear will the lead single ‘Fire Fire Fire’ – you’ll have probably heard it before as we premiered it last year and even after a good few hundred listens it hasn’t lost any of its impact. It’s crammed full of stirring violins, electric guitars and tight, well programmed drums.

‘Blood’ is another piece impassioned baroque inspired electro, if Beethoven was around today, he’s certainly tip his hat to what Adi has produced. It’s simply breathe-taking. The kicks and vocoded vocals combine to make track so rousing you’d think that you’d step into a time machine at returned to the good ol’ days of electro circa 2006.

‘Last Stand’ is probably the least obvious track from the EP, it’s not bad, but the vocal struggles to find a proper home for itself, it just seem a little out of place. But, it’s just goes to show that Adi is human after all. ‘Requiem’ see’s the French maestro get back on point with a brooding piece of vocal-heavy electronica, which you can remix if you’re feeling inspired, the song is a poignant homage to Adi’s deceased mother, and then ‘In Caelis’ pulls even further at your heartstrings.

Monsieur Adi is the maestro of his day who understands the art of melody, texture, mood, and movement to create a stunning opus. This is only an excerpt of what is to come from the upcoming full-length ‘Empire’.

HBF Rating 4/5

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Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.