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Mighty Mouse have captured the hearts of every fair-minded music blogger from New York to Sydney with a string of exceptional re-edits, concept albums, remixes and originals – now it’s time for the return of their hugely successful compilation: Disco Circus.

Disco Circus 3 is fusion of disco past, present and future. It features some of the most exciting modern disco and electro producers of the moment along with a host of rare gems from the 70’s and 80’s. 30 tracks seamlessly mixed over 2 CD’s.

The artwork for Disco Circus 3 is an original illustration from close friend and internationally renowned artist Antony Micallef.

Mighty Mouse said: “I love disco because it is all about good music. There is madness and there is darkness, but on the outside it is beautiful. Make your own rules, that’s the Circus.”

The Compilation is set to drop March 12 via Bears Eat Fish Records.

DC3 Tracklisting:
CD1 Track List
1. Kamp! – Cairo
2. Matt Van Schie – Drifting Down The Sidewalk (Demo)
3. L’Equipe Du Son – Lesson 1 (The Legendary 1979 Orchestra Remix)
4. Cloud One – Patty Duke
5. Peter Gunn – Peter Gunn
6. Blo – Get That Groove In
7. Black Soul – Africa Africa
8. Drop Out Orchestra – Ego (Blackstrobe Remix)
9. Hypnotic – Droid (Automatic Piano)
10. Angela Paris – Wherever Forever (Vocal)
11. Pat Lok – Yes Game (Bit Funk Remix)
12. Gigamesh – When Your Dancing (RAC Remix)
13. Shake Aletti – Lights & Sparks (Mighty Mouse Dub)
14. Only Children – Don’t Stop (Mighty Mouse Remix)
15. Figure Of 8 – No One Cries For Me (Mighty Mouse Remix)
16. Worship – Out There
17. Orsan Bramley – Inverted Snobbery

CD2 Track List
1. Tareq feat. Natassa Bofilou – Feel Me (Mighty Mouse Remix)
2. Blamma Blamma – Beyond 17 (Mighty Mouse’s Lost in Space Instrumental)
3. Mighty Mouse – Smiling Faces (Unreleased Dub)
4. The Magician – I Don’t Know What To Do (Erkka Remix)
5. Alien Alien – Black Guru (Original Mix)
6. Todd Terje – Inspector Norse
7. The Penelopes – Now Now Now (The C90’s Remix)
8. African Suite – In The Pocket
9. Gepy & Gepy – African Love Song
10. Oliver – Dirty Talk
11. Nytowl – Love Of Mine (Mighty Mouse Remix)
12. Scenic – Another Sky (The Magician Remix)
13. Lovetone and Turismo – Can You Feel Me (Original Mix)
14. Robortom feat. Au Revoir Simone – Paganini Rocks (Mighty Mouse Remix)
15. Shobizz – The Street Of A Thousand Disco’s
16. H Wildflower – Harlem Nocturne

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.