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David Shaw aka Siskid is a Manchester producer who has had so many alias’ we can’t comprehend, the notable one’s are that he was the lead guitarist of BlackStrobe (Ivan Smagghe’s band), and has released many tracks on Initial Cuts under guises; Clean Breakfast, Hummer, The Architect, and She Has Reasonable Doubts.

The classically trained musician who has flirted with both rock and electronic music has now setup his own label, called Meant Records, it’s a platform for his own production as well as acts like Animal Machine. His last track Wolves, was caned by fellow tech heads Ewan Pearson, Richie Hawtin, and Damian Lazarus.

His latest release features vocals from Olivia de Lanzac from Quad Throw Salchow and remixes from The Glimmers, Rebolliedo an up and coming South American artist.

Title track ‘Gun Stubs’ is a dark and moody take on electronic music and you can certainly see the Ivan Smagghe influences; it reminded us of Blackstrobe’s ‘Ghost Track’. Which is just fine with us. The b-side is a much more punchy affair with a gothic melodic hooks and a heavily vocoded vocals from Olivia.

The result of these artistic encounters is an EP which is not only a masterly musical performance, but also we confirms Siskid’s talent both as a musician and producer.

We have exclusive sample streams of the two main tracks of the EP, Gun Stubs and The Lord With Practice.

Siskid – Gun Stub ft Olivia de Lanzac


Siskid – The Lord With Practice


Andrew Rafter

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