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Bobby Nourmand’s latest, ‘Dust’, is dance-music-with-feels

Bobby Nourmand — Dust

Bobby Nourmand’s meteoric rise over the last 12 months can be put down to a couple of different things. One, he’s been mentored by future house servant The Magician. And two, Nourmand has a uncanny ear for what’s hot in the online music zeitgeist.

His latest, ‘Dust’, is a case in point — a slickly produced slice of emotionally-charged house it purposefully showcases a tender side of Nourmand’s alter ego, and it’s also the side of dance music that acts like The Chain Smokers have so clever cornered with their dance-music-with-feels timbre.

It’s going to be interesting to see how Nourmand’s sound develops over the coming months and year as future house freight begins to finally run out of stream.

You can download ‘Dust’ for free if you’re willing to follow the young whipper snapper on Spotify here.

  • CO

    Who is Bobby Nourmand? What meteoric rise?

    His biggest track on Spotify has been played 700k times.



    I’d say spots in Mixmag, DJ Mag, countless blogs and being signed to Potion Records in the space of less than a year is pretty meteoric.

    Also, quoting Spotify numbers is a absurd way to qualify success for electronic producers/DJs.

    It’s all about bookings and I believe Bobby is playing Tomorrowland this summer, so yeah, he’s certainly going places.

  • CO

    MRHBF – spots in various mags and blogs, and even bookings at overrated festivals, is a testament to the promotional power of a label.

    It does not mean people are listening to the music.