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Listen to Franz Matthews’ cosmic-tinged debut EP ‘Ostkreuz’

Franz Matthews

Franz Matthews is a Franco-German music producer & DJ based in Berlin who is about to release a three-track EP of space disco goodness.

‘Ostkreuz’, the EP’s opening track, is all shiny, retro synths, propulsive arpeggios and rubbery basslines the sounds very similar to fellow disco disciple Todd “The God” Terje.

On the flipside you’ve got ‘Guns of Rixdorf’ which forgoes the space-aged aesthetic for a more referential timbre as chatty guitars spiral around retro-futuristic padwork, and finally the Claydermans Mazahn brings the energy levels down a notch for his swirling interpretation of ‘Ostkreuz’, which is all twinkling top lines and deep, metallic-sounding stabs.

Franz Matthews is now firmly on our radar and he should be on yours, too.

‘Ostkreuz’ is out now on vinyl via Days Of Being Wild, and will be available digitally from April 14.


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.