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Joe Goddard transform’s Goldfrapp’s ‘Anymore’ into 6 minutes of modular goodness

Goldfrapp - Anymore Joe Goddard

Is there anything that Joe Goddard can’t do? No, is the short answer. Goddard is clearly in one of those purple patches where everything he touches turns into absolute gold.

For his latest remix endeavour, he’s gone to town on Goldfrapp’s ‘Anymore’ with his Eurorack Modular system and flipped the original into a nugget of analogue gold.

Speaking about the inspiration behind his remix, Joe Goddard said: “With this remix I took tracks like ‘Freak’ by LFO and ‘Two Of Us’ by Supermayer as my inspiration and had fun with my Eurorack Modular System – I wanted to make something tense and chaotic.”

PS. Just wait until you hear his remixes of Busy P’s ‘Genie’.

Goldfrapp’s new album ‘Silver Eye’ is out March 31. 

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.