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Honey Tower makes sickly industrial electro

Honey Tower

Honey Tower is electro producer from Germany. She chooses to remain anonymous so her music can do the talking. And, boy, does it talk.

She’s just released a new EP ‘Metamorphosen’, and it’s a mini album of sorts. Two tracks in particular caught our ear, and not because they’re filthy bangers, which they most certainly are, but because of the way she balances industrial rawness with flourishes of melody.

‘Entre Chien Et Loup’ can be best described as a progressive house track that’s been fed through a gas turbine. It’s actually a really clever track, too, especially the way the lighter and darker elements are balanced.

‘L’Abeille’ is darker and harder with a lot of different sounds fighting for your attention — and yes, it can be overwhelming at times — but the flecks of samples, snatches of synths and peculiar noises all give the track a level of detail, depth and texture that’s often missing from a lot of today’s bangers.

More of this, please.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.