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Free Slice is an American duo based out of Santa Monica. Born out of a fraternity (they’re like male-only student houses) they’ve been impressing a lot of people with their unique take of electronic music that’s based more on hip-hop, house and disco than EDM, big-room and pop.

It’s basically the exact opposite of what the The Chainsmokers make (who were also born out of a fraternity, too). Whether Free Slice are real American frat bros, too – I couldn’t say. But their ability to slice a varying musical motifs without butchering them is quite impressive.

We’ve got the premiere of their new track ‘Boban The Spy’, and it falls somewhere between hip-hop and house – but not in a douchey way, it’s kinda sounds like Siriusmo, which is just about the highest accolade you can pay to any leftfield production outfit.

The only issue is it’s not long enough. But that’s like complaining about a really nice cake that isn’t big enough.


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.