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It’s often tempting to look at an artist’s social numbers when you’ve been asked to blog them – the reason being if they have 8 billion followers, you might see some of that back as traffic to your blog.

It’s an an understandable tactic, but also a shallow one. Whether someone has 800,000 followers, or just 8 like Danish group Retro Kid – it shouldn’t really have any bearing on whether you like the the track or not.

Retro Kid, as we’ve mentioned, only have 8 followers on Soundcloud – so it would probably be fair to say they’re not really playing the game, as the song eludes: they’re just want to be one of the ‘Kool Kids’. And we respect that, we rarely look at someone’s followers – sure we’d love to have more traffic, but most of the time bigger artists rarely reciprocate, and if they do it’s more likely to be a simple like or a heart.

Again, that’s understandable too, they don’t want to be seen be just posting endless praise. So with that, the days of being able to piggy back off someone else’s followers are long gone – and that’s actually a good thing, because if you go in with the mindset that your going to get so much traffic from their fans you’re sadly misguided – the world of music blogging just does’t work like that anymore.

Anyway, back to Retro Kid – they are a five-piece from Copenhagen that’s making some delightful prickly electronica that blends saccharine synths with subtle acid-tinged leads, and cushion-soft, often distant-sounding vocals; it’s all very moody at times, but yet somehow there’s a faint river energy bubbling underneath that is trying to break through.

Moral of the story: Retro Kid deserve more than 8 followers.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.