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Stream Kölsch’s Euphoric Remixes of Eric Prydz’s ‘Generate’ & Joris Voorn’s ‘The Monk’

Just two weeks from the release of his second artist album, ‘1983’, Danish producer Kölsch is in full-on remix mode with two of his remixes getting the Radio 1 treatment in as many weeks.

First up, you have his remix of Eric Prydz’s new single ‘Generate’, which sees Kölsch wrapping a clever loop of the original’s vocal around shimmering basslines and a never-ending melody that just builds-and-builds-and-builds until, finally, you get that warm, fuzzy hands-in-the-air pay-off.

Next up for to get Kölsched is Joris Voorn’s track ‘The Monk’, and that too is equally as enthralling as the Danish producer layers melodies, over melodies, against stuttering drums lines for another euphoric workout. Pete Tong recently coined Kölsch’s current output as romantic-techno, and on today’s remixes that’s at least half true.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.