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Review: Mason ‘Nite Rite 2’

Listening to Nite Rite 2 has triggered something in my memory; there’s something strangely familiar about the building organ riff lurking in the background of the track that takes me back to better times spent playing Sonic The Hedgehog on the Megadrive. The cacophony of chiptune style arps probably contribute to the whole effect too.

Anyway, I was of the opinion that Nite Rite 1 was pretty good, and I like Nite Rite 2 even more. This leaves me curious as to how good the rest of the Nite Rite series will be, so I’ve used sophisticated graphical modelling techniques to predict future ‘Nite Rite quality’, as seen below.


As you can see, we should be in for a real treat as the series progresses. That’s just maths, and you can’t argue with maths, because it doesn’t have ears.

Out on the next full moon of March 9th….

Download ’Savantas’ by Mason for free here: on.fb.me/12Vwobk