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19 . Eskimo: The Blue Collection

After last year’s excellent summer-infused ‘Pink Collection‘, Eskimo Records made another splash with the second edition of its highly-lauded compilation series though this time the label changed seasons and hue to icy Blue.

The Blue Collection‘ is made up of 12 brand-new tracks from the Ghent-based imprint. Kicking off the compilation is Atella, a trio from Norway, fronted by Kristiane Eldnes. We actually posted ‘The Monster‘ a few months ago and it’s the perfect track to the kick off the compilation; a folksy piece of wintery pop that could only really come from Norway. You’re then kicked into a more clubbier gear with Freeform Five’s house odyssey ‘Leviathan‘ which features Róisín Murphy on vocals. We posted that too, basically they should have probably just called it the HBF collection. Anyway, naming issues aside, ‘The Blue Collection‘ is chockablock full of tasty delights with Blende’s ‘Rikki’ taking centre-stage for those of you who have a penchant for funk as the compilation looks to French newcomer Crayon and his remix to liven things up a bit.

As well as the imprints mainstays, there is, of course, space for newcomers like Greek unpronounceable NTEIBINT. He actually offers up a new track ‘Never Without You‘ which falls nicely into the label’s organic disco mould, as the Greek producer showcases his softer side alongside a seductive vocal from vocalist Stella. Elsewhere Volta Cab’s ‘Smoke Some Kill‘ offers a acidic counter to the compilations’ softer moments. Highlights also include Blamma Blamma’s stunning ‘Zsa Zsa‘ (we posted that too). The ‘Blue Collection‘ basically offers up an up-to-date manifesto from a label which has driven disco past fads like adding “nu” to its name, and onto an all-ecompassing sustainable footing. From its humble beginnings at a Ghent warehouse called the Eskimo Factory, named after the Eskimo underwear made there, to nurturing some of disco’s most famous faces and veterans, Eskimo’s reach both musically and culturally is testament to the label’s enduring search for quality electronic music.

Written by Andrew Rafter

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Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.