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It’s fair to say the Mighty Mouse has nailed the whole disco thing, he’s nothing to prove when it comes to that genre. So for his next remix, for Achilles & One’s ‘La Musica’, he’s challenged himself to go in a different direction.

Thankfully, it’s not Future House or Ugandan dancehall – but instead it’s a mix steadfast italo-techno with just a pinch of disco. Basically, it’s what Maceo Plex has been making recently.

It’s not bad a thing to try and emulate your heroes or peers and that’s essentially what’s Mighty Mouse has done. There’s still hints of the old Mighty Mouse we know and love in the melody at the half way point – but it’s being driven forward constantly by the pulsing bassline that’s the main attraction alongside snapping snares, thudding kicks and clever vocal work.

Arguably his finest work since Du Tonc’s ‘Darkness‘.

Released 22nd December 2014 on Love Harder Records


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.