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Ever since we heard the very first Hoaxx tracks we always thought they have what it takes to produce an album that can easily sit alongside the greats from Justice, Vitalic, Yuksek, Digitalism and countless other electro acts.

That’s not to say their debut will see the same sort of excitement, unfortunately it’s not 2007 and ‘Who’s The Queen’ doesn’t have enough wobble. But what you do have is an electro album that takes everything worthy from pop, indie and electro, mixes it with Vodka (the duos favourite tipple), to make an album that has as much sonic impact as its forbearers.

From the opening salvo of ‘Prophecy’ you know you’re in for a wild ride as the rising electronic guitars bleed into the side-chained basslines and violins stabs to create a statement of intent: the banger is back. It’s not just a cheap rip-off of our friends from across the channel, as the Hoaxx boys look to add their own broken Brit-pop to proceedings with an assortment of guest vocals that really adds to the depth of the album. Thankfully it’s not just banger after banger, but more a rose-tinted look back at electro days go by from the perspective of London duo rather than a Parisian one.

Like many before them the London duo add their own classical baroque leanings throughout the album which can be heard with the strings in ‘Dr no’ to the intro to ‘Pharmacia’. There’s even an injection of Brit-pop in the form of tracks like ‘Each Other’ & ‘Let Us Down’ which are anthems in every sense of the word. You can help but be amazed by the quality of production, each song quite literally leaps out at you. It’s not particularly subtle in places, but shows the duo’s ability to really capture a sound that remains clearly close to their hearts. Very rarely do you get an album that isn’t just filled the same idea regurgitated over and over, but an album that hops, skips and jumps from everything from futuristic synth music of ‘NewRotik’ to the Tron-laden reprise of ‘Each Other’, even rarer is it from a fairly unknown duo from London called Hoaxx.

Ultimately, ‘Who’ The Queen’ proves that electro doesn’t have to be an exercise in who can make the loudest, nastiest, electro possible. It shows that it can be a carefully crafted journey of energy and emotion to the point that after each listen you feel the need to have a shower and cool off, that is, until you fire this bad boy up again. Don’t believe us? Then listen to the whole album below and judge it for yourselves. But if you’re a fan of French electro we guarantee you’ll fall head over heals for ‘Who’s The Queen’ and if you don’t, then you’re not human and should probably just read Pitchfork.

HBF Rating 5/5

Out June 25 via Kiez Beats.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.