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Nu-Disco’s rise over the last 3 years has been meteoric; but it hasn’t reached a point where it has broken the mainstream glass-ceiling. It would be fair to say that disco’s marquee time is still in the late 70’s and early 80’s – but with Jupiter’s debut album ‘Juicy Lucy’ it could be that another relatively unknown French duo have made an album that can finally stand alongside the greats both past and present.

It’s as accomplished as you can get without sounding too much like a nostalgic ride down to Studio 54. At the heart of Jupiter’s debut album are proper songs, songs that could be played on daytime radio alongside the Kanye’s and Beyonce’s of this world. From the Chromeo-esque vocoded chorus’ of ‘Elliot Uppercut’ to their current single ‘One O Six’ their unique brand disco never gets boring and doesn’t just trudge the classics for references – they try reimagining them in a world where dance music is at the core of youth culture.

You’ve got everything from future anthem, and call to arms ‘Set The Course of The Nile’ to hip-hop infused funk of ‘Hula Hoop’, which shows off their ability to make music that is genuinely original, with a peculiar use of effects on Amelie’s voice. By the halfway mark it hits its stride with cosmic keys of ‘Sake’ which effortlessly sits alongside the more bubblegum pop vocals of ‘Oh I’.

‘Juicy Lucy’ is a triumph in every sense of the word, the album snatches every memorable melody from the last 30 years and condenses them into a short, but sweet 50 minutes. It references everything from Les Rhythmes Digital, Chic and Daft Punk to Kate Bush, The Jacksons and Blondie. There are o weak tracks to speak of and Amelie’s vocals are incredible – they’re organic, yet, intisingly foreign – and for what it’s worth she’s not splattered across every song and chorus, but liberally sprinkled like magic pixie dust.

With two of disco’s biggest stars passing within a week of each other, the changing of the guard is happening now. But thankfully, with Jupiter, disco is in a safe pair of hands.

HBF Rating 5/5

Pre-order “Juicy Lucy” on iTunes which hits the shelves on June 4 via Grand Blanc.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.