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Lazy disco is Fred Oliveira from Rockets, not sure who or what the rockets is, not sure it matters to be honest. Anyway he’s about to release his first EP on the DISCOTEXAS imprint on June 13.

The release come with some decent remixes from Mirror People, In Flagranti, The C90s, Xinobi and MODE – it the usual happy-go-lucky disco vibes that will make you smile and probably dance. You can listen to the whole release below.

DT007 – Lazydisco – More Tigers by Discotexas

And because the DISCOTEXAS crew are such nice poeple they are giving the Coupons remix away for free. Which takes the original piano disco house into lush, woozy synth-heavy territory, whilst keeping the beat driving along. Lovely stuff and it’s also a online exclusive, it wont feature on the commercial release.

Lazydisco – More Tigers (Coupons Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD by Discotexas

Download here.

Andrew Rafter

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