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Yuksek has been banging out the French electro remixes over the last 12 months and before that he released his amazing debut album ‘Away From The Sea’ – so it is not surprising that sound has got a bit boring for him.

His latest long-play goes in a completely different direction. ‘Living Life On The Edge Of Time’ see’s the young french producer take on a sound that is more akin to an indie band. The songs are sung and produced by him, but importantly will be played live as trio with two new members.

The reason behind this according to the man himself was because of the boredom of endless touring, mainly on his own, around the world for last 12 months, which left him lonely and wanting to share his experiences in the future.

So, he made an album to be played as a group. It’s a total departure from what were used to. For some you won’t like it one bit, for others who have probably never heard of him will love it.

We’ve only heard what you are about to hear so can’t pass judgement – there’s just not enough to go on, but were eager to hear more.

Latest tracks by Yuksek

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.