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When we featured Nottingham singer and disco lover Ronika we knew that she had what it takes to take the blogs and music press by storm with her amazing track ‘Forget Yourself’.

And no sooner had we featured her track than the main stream press starting featuring her – everyone from the Pete from Pop Justice to the Guardian were all in agreement – Ronika is a future star.

Her sound is a unique blend of Les Rhythm Digitale disco, 80’s funk and Madonna pop sensibilities.

Throw in an in-depth knowledge of production, a trainspotter love of all types of music and her love Italo Disco, Vitalic and LCD Soundsystem – and you’ve got someone who is a compelling new talent for pop and electro enthusiasts alike.

Well the EP is about to get a release on June 13th – and she’s gone and made another one of her amazing 80’s inspired videos – but this time it’s for the B-Side ‘Wiyoo’ there’s more than a wiff of Blondie – but that’s cools as Ronika is blonde.

Better still you can grab the b-side for free.

Ronika – Wiyoo by ronika

Download here.

Check the amazing video too.

And check out ‘Forget Yourself’ in case you missed.

Ronika – Forget Yourself by ronika


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Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.