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Ronika Sampson is a producer and singer from Nottingham who is already grabbing the headlines over at the Guardian and Dazed Digital – the best way to descibe her sound would be early Jacque Lu Cont with the vocal flair of Gwen Stefani. We know quite a combination.

She cites Vitalic and LCD as big influences and early Madonna and Prince records and from what we’ve heard she has an exciting future ahead of her.

It is total disco-escapism, and a far cry from the flat in inner-city Nottingham in which it was produced. It’s jam-packed full of proper disco cut up fun and is probably the catchiest track we’ve heard this year. It ends up sounding like a Moonlight Matter remix. Which is a testament to her prodcution and vocal work.

Forget Yourself by ronika



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And one from her vaults.

Paper Scissors and Stone ft. Charles Washington by ronika

Andrew Rafter

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