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We featured Max Cooper many moons ago, when we first started HBF and his star has risen considerably since then – he recently had two massive blog-hits, in the shape of great remixes for Hot Chip & Portishead.

If you’re not familiar with him he makes power-balled techno, full of mood, grit and emotion – he’s also a smart chap too, with a Phd in Genetics, and in many ways you can hear this scientific approach in his music.

His latest release SERIES is the product of his as a genetics researcher, with each track informed by abstract ideas about genetics, math and music. Harmonisch Serie riffs on the mathematical relation between notes, chords, and musical scales. Stochastisch Serie balances randomness against a listenable musical framework.  And Chaotisch Serie observes how even the most random chaos can suddenly become ordered – and vice versa.

The SERIES EP will first be released Oct 25 as an iTunes only package including a previously unreleased bonus track, a beatless, elegant revisiting of Cooper’s End Of Reason that was previously only available in a live mix made earlier this year for Cooper’s headline performance at Fabric London’s Sunday showcase, WetYourSelf.

We have a unreleased high quality mix to share with you – which is journey into the mind of Max and his avant-garde approach to making music – truly a stunning piece of electronic music.


Grab here.


1. Max Cooper – Unnamed 1.
2. Max Cooper – Enveloped [Traum]
3. Peaches – I Feel Cream – Max Cooper Remix [TBC]
4. Max Cooper – Ripple [Traum]
5. Max Cooper – Chaotisch Serie – Maetrik Remix [Traum]
6. Max Cooper – Unnamed 2
7. Xircus (Jeet & Max Cooper) – Dehydration [Unsigned]
8. Max Cooper – Stochastisch Serie – Leeks Remix [Traum]
9. Yan Stricker – Smooth A Surface – Max Cooper Remix [Organism]
10. Portishead – Roads – Max Cooper Remix [Not for release]
11. Max Cooper – Enveloped – Ryan Davis Remix [Traum]
12. Maxime Miville – Unknown – Max Cooper Remix [Wide Angle]
13. Max Cooper – Ediolic Spectra [Bedrock]
14. Max Cooper – Unnamed 3
15. Ryan Davis – The Wolve – Max Cooper Remix [IRM]
16. Max Cooper – The end of reason – Ambient Rework [Traum]

And to top that we’ve also have a remix of Ryan Davis’ “The Wolve”.

Ryan Davis – The Wolve (Max Cooper Remake Radio Edit)


Grab here.

Max Cooper Homepage

Andrew Rafter

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