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Etienne De Crecy’s previous two Super Discount albums have been cemented into electronic folk law – so much so that it would be fair to say that De Crecy doesn’t really have anything to prove  – so for his latest Super Discount album Etienne has challenged himself to go beyond club-based instrumentals and employ a rag-tag of guest vocalists for the third instalment of his Super Discount series.

The album kicks off with the first three singles, ‘Night’ (Cut The Crap), ‘You’, and ‘Hashtag My Ass’ – but it’s actually the album’s new songs that really hit the spot. Between those singles is ‘WFT’ – which features the rapping talents Pos & Dave from De La Soul – it’s basically robotic funk backed by P&S’ slick rapping which are then vocoded-up to the max – proof then that rapping and electronic music really can work in harmony. Following on from that is ‘Smile’, a track alongside long-time Super Discount collaborator Alex Gopher, and it’s another highlight; a smooth disco track that’s backed by rolling, rubbery basslines and twinkling top lines – it’s easily one the standout tracks from the album. ‘Sunset’ is a similar palette to ‘Smile’ in that’s it light and breezy and features a delectable vocal from Tom Burke of Citizens fame, who’s then backed by raw basslines and acid melodies that Etienne has become so synonymous for. More highlights come thick and fast with Miura-esque basslines of ‘Amazing’ and the cushion-soft vocals on ‘Follow’ courtesy of Kilo Kish.

Most electronic albums tend to have three or four solid singles and the rest is filler or tracks that just wouldn’t be work as singles. But, Super Discount 3 has three solid singles, which have all been released, and then another 6 tracks, which are arguably just as good, and could have been singles in their own right, too. Etienne could have easily chosen ‘Smile’, ‘Sunset’ and ‘WTF’ as singles and no one would have complained. Super Discount 3, then, offers a depth and maturity then that elevates it to unexpected heights. For once, one of the founding fathers of modern French electronic music has created an album that easily as good as his first – the holy grail when it comes to longevity and relevance. And that must be applauded. The guests keep their end of the bargain too as they all add something special to the songs. Super Discount 3 is every bit as good as 1 and 2, there’s no dead weight, no weak songs – simply a producer on the top of his game making music he truly believes in.

HBF Rating 5/5

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.