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Oliver burst onto the scene back in 2012 with the debut EP finding a home of Parisian tastemaker Kitsune. Since then the two Olivers (Oliver Goldstein & Vaughn Oliver) have carved out a niche with tracks that manage to occupy a dizzying array of genres including electro, disco, synth pop and house. Several years in the making, the duo have just released their debut album ‘Full Circle’ and it’s almost certainly one of the best debut albums of 2017. Featuring a myriad of guest vocalists — including De La Soul, MNDR, Sam Sparro and Chromeo to name but a few — their debut album manages to convey the duo’s wide-ranging influences without the overall album sounding confused or jumbled.

‘Full Circle’ sounds a like of love letter to the two Oliver’s favourite artists; you’ve got French electro a la Justice and Vitalic on tracks like ‘Ottomatic’ and ‘Electrify’, you’ve got early Daft Punk on ‘Last Forever’, with Sam Sparro giving the track a certain Chic quality to proceedings. Hip hop is represented by De La Soul who deliver some family friendly raps for ‘Heart Attack’., whilst ‘Heterotopia’ sounds like it was inspired by Bill Wither’s ‘Lovely Day’ but fed through a translator powered by Yelle. There really aren’t any weak tracks and whilst some of the more poppier, commercial-sounding cuts like ‘Love Like This’ and ‘Wherever We Are’ might not be to everyone’s tastes they do offer the chance for Oliver to inject some feels into their multi-coloured synth pop broth.

‘Full Circle’ ultimately sees the two Olivers deliver the album we all knew (and hoped) they were capable of. It’s a multi-faceted, modern-day homage to chic-sounding French disco, British synth pop, European electro bangers and commercial-sounding Spoti-pop (a new genre we’ve just this second coined) that propels the duo to the next level — and we can’t wait to see how they incorporate this body of music into a live show.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.