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We’ve been following Greek unpronounceable NTEIBINT (Dave) for a while now – and this week marks a marquee moment for him as his first EP ‘Everybody Knows A Dave’ is out via Gang Bang Recordings.

The EP offers a selection of original tracks and remixes – the first track is ‘Morning Breeze’ and see’s the Greek upstart try to marry disco hooks with 80’s psychedelic rock and, for us, he nails it. It’s full of strung out synth lines, chatty drums and deep mellow bass tones.

Next up, is the remix of the same track from HBF favourite ATTAR! – he takes the track straight to the New York disco , with layers of shiny, happy synths and deep, sludgy basslines all served on a bed of chatty Belgium percussion.

‘Jackpot’ is a similar story to ‘Morning Breeze’ jarring synths, trembling drums and, ultimately, sounds like French house track struck in a blender – it’s probably not for everyone, but shows NTEIBINT (dave) isn’t one to be pigeonholed to one genre.

‘Never Use’ feat Yinka is the third and final original – and to be honest is not our cup of tea at all – it’s a glitchy rap/electro track that show real promise with regards to sampling and arrangement – but the rapping is a bit too trigger finger for our tastes. But Dave is a smart person – and has included a dub version. This version we do like, more of a disco tip, but, ultimately, is as satisfying endeavour.

HBF Rating 3/5

Check out the other remixes below and grab the whole EP now.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.