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Wayward is an electronic duo from London who are about to release their latest EP into the online ether on September 8.

Featuring two original’s — ‘Alexandra’ and ‘Tapestry’ — and two remixes from Man Power and Hammer, the EP is being released via Rob Da Bank’s Silver Bear Recordings.

We’re premiering the excellent remix from Me Me Me label boss Man Power, who if you’re not familiar with, is a Newcastle-born, Mexico-based producer who has been on something of a roll lately with his own productions and his fledgling label which straddles everything from house and techno to acid and electro.

Occupying the ground between organic disco and acid, Man Power delivers a remix that combines sweeping organic instrumentation alongside a slithering acid top line and stodgy kicks for a sumptuous remix that works for both home listening and in the club.

Speaking about how the two originals came to be, Wayward explained: “Alexandra’ came about through a Friday night fork in a road, to go to out partying or stay in the studio. The urge to make a tune was stronger in the end and we ended up producing ‘Alexandra’ that night.

“To our friend Alex – sorry we didn’t make it to your party but we named a track after you instead. ‘Tapestry’ was the first track we made on the DSI Tempest which we recently purchased. It took about 4 hours to make and then it sat inside the machine for a good few months. Something about the rawness of the drums and the naivety of the sounds that come from not really knowing how to use the machine properly yet brought a unique vibe to the track.

“To have Man Power on the remix is very special for us. After witnessing his performance first hand at panorama bar we both became fans instantly, it’s great to have him involved and for him to do such a sterling job!

More of this, please.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.