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Lane 8’s ‘March Of The Forest Cat’ is his most club-focussed track to date

Lane 8

Lane 8 returns with a brand-new track, ‘March Of The Forest Cat’, and it’s easily his most club-focussed track to date.

Everything seems to be going really well for the US-born, German-based producer on the production front and his DJ shows and new “no phones” party concept seem to have really stuck a chord with his fans.

For his latest, Daniel Goldstein delivers probably his most potent club track to date — and whilst that might not appeal to some in Lane 8’s base, it make us very happy indeed, as Goldstein marries a never-ending parping hook with lashing of gravely basslines for a proper club workout.

The release comes in a summer that sees Lane 8 expanding on the ‘This Never Happened’ show concept by growing it into scenic outdoor locales and lush, cavernous warehouses.

Today, he announces a series of ‘Summer Gatherings’ in New York City, Colorado, and San Francisco, all at expansive summer venues.

The gatherings will feature a 2 hour warmup set from Lane 8, followed by a set from an unannounced special guest, before another 3 hour closing set from Lane 8.

Check out the ‘This Never Happened Summer Gathering’ dates below.

TNH Colorado @ Mishawaka Amphitheatre: Saturday 29th July
TNH NYC @ The Well: Saturday 9th September
TNH SF @ Secret Warehouse: Saturday 23rd September

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.