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Tony Walsh’s iconic poem ‘Together (This Is The Place)’ has been immortalised as a house track

One of the few good things to come of out of the shocking suicide attack in Manchester last month was the prevailing sense of community spirit in Manchester.

One particular moment that struck a cord with everyone in Manchester and across the world was Tony Walsh’s stunning poem, ‘Together (This Is The Place’), which captured everything that is amazing about Manchester, and how a city’s resolve wouldn’t be broken by violence or terrorism.

Tony Walsh’s ‘This Is The Place’ provided “a voice of defiance” and articulated a sense of “Manc pride and self-belief,” according to Andy Burnham, Mayor of Manchester, and Liam Gallagher wanted it on record that’s it’s the best thing he’s “ever heard to come out of any Mancunian’s mouth ever.”

“A great poem which captured the mood of the city after recent events released for a great cause” — Peter Hook

The poem has now been immortalised as a quintessential Manc house track, with the blessing of Tony Walsh, by Manchester production team New Mount City Breakers.

The track is out today through Ditto Music, and is available for download/stream on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon and all leading digital stores.

Naturally, all profits from the sales of the record will be donated to We Love Manchester Emergency Fund, Forever Manchester and the Manchester Mayor’s Homelessness Fund.

“This is so beautiful, so powerful and so Manchester! The music and the message” — Rowetta

Speaking about releasing the poem as a house track, Tony Walsh said: “On reflection it’s hardly surprising that there was an influx of requests to put my poem to music after the vigil.

“Manchester is the dance capital of England after all. I felt this version though was true to the classic Manchester sound, adding a new angle without detracting from the words and giving the next generation of young people an anthem to make them proud.

“We’re also trying to support the city’s future vision as well as helping with donations to help support people with the devastating effects of the bomb.”

The video has been produced by Lewis Marsh, senior apprentice at SharpFutures. The graphics, social media and support has been created by Amy Williams, Aleena Shariff, Ihtezaz Anwar and Lydia German all apprentices or graduates starting out their careers who have been inspired by Tony’s words and want to inspire the next generation of Mancunians who believe they can change the world.


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.