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New York-based multidiscipline artist Aman Amun — which is the brainchild of Brian McGaw — today shares the first taster of his new album with the infectious, ‘Cityscape’.

McGaw’s artistic output manifests itself in a range of mediums from music to visual art, photography to interactive media.

For his latest — which has been two years in the making, after initially hearing the track’s hooky melody in a dream — McGaw decided to take the brave step and create a stunning VR video to really bring the track and its artistic direction to life.

The VR video was created by AMAN AMUN’s media production company OCCURRENT ARTS using Unity3D and Adobe CC.

The track itself is hodgepodge of differing elements including brittle synth pop, found sounds and electro. When it all comes together towards the latter half, it goes from run-of-the-mill indie pop to something much more enticing and unpredictable as brash drums collide with McGaw’s cushion-soft vocals and swirling, neon melodies.

McGaw has even gone to the trouble of creating a video of how we went about creating the VR video in just a month.


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.