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Lux Prima combines analogue grit with sci-fi soundscapes on ‘Divisional Articulations’

Luxa Prima

We’re not entirely sure where Lux Prima resides, his rather barren Soundcloud doesn’t give much away, apart from a name: Jean-Gabriel Becker.

What we do know is the mysterious producer is about to release a series of EPs, the first of which is dropping on June 30, via new East London-based label SAS Recordings.

Falling somewhere between 8-bit-infused Soulwax and Aphex Twin — if such a place exist — there’s a lot to like about the first track to unveiled from Prima’s forthcoming EP.

Steeped analogue arpeggios and electro grit, ‘Divisional Articulations’ shows a lot of promise as Becker creates a complex tapestry of beeps, bleeps and stocky kicks that are then wrapped around a propulsive timbre that effortlessly flips between electro-clash and 8-bit.

More of this, please.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.