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Lifelike beyond the ‘Sexodrome’

Lifelike - Sexodrome

‘Discopolis’ was such a big track for Lifelike it had its own gravitational pull — its brilliance was so inescapable that it became his calling card. Even today, when a Lifelike track is pitched to us, you can guarantee that ‘Discopolis’ — a track that’s now 12-years-old — will be mentioned somewhere in the PR blurb.

The result is an unintended white-washing of an entire body of work, the boiling down of 20 years of music to just one track. And in turn that hit that every producer so craves becomes a yardstick to be measured against, or occasionally hit with.

With Lifelike’s latest track, ‘Sexodrome’, he might have finally made a track that will unseat ‘Discopolis’.

On the surface it’s a relatively simple track; you’ve got the ever-present rubbery m-m-mm bassline, the surging cosmic synths and crisp drum programming. But reality, it’s the groove that they create that’s the real star of the show. What you’re left with with is seven minutes of self-indulgent cosmic French house.


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.