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Having brought you the premiere of Henri’s ‘Fine Day’ at the tail-end of last year, you can now watch the track’s accompanying video.

‘Fine Day’ is a reimagining of Opus III’s early 90s cult classic, and features Icelandic actress and singer Aníta Briem’s delivering the track’s hypnotic, breathy vocals.

“All my music has a lot of melody because I really love heightened emotions and lush strings,” Henri comments. “I like everything to be quite dramatic.”

For the video, Henri has enlisted Constantine Paraskevopoulos for a bright and glittering video that perfectly encapsulates Henri’s love of fashion and music.

“I love everything to be a spectacle, but at the same time not in the cheap, girly, sex-kitten kind of way,” Henri notes. “More in the artsy, creative way – I love wearing really crazy space-age costumes. Fashion and music are arts that feed into each other in a way.”

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.