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Ricardo Villalobos’ Set At Cocoon In The Park Was So Bad The Entire Festival Abused Him On Facebook Afterwards

Update, a video has emerged of Ricardo’s car crash set, and it doesn’t sound good. Also, Cocoon have since removed their post, but the internet never forgets.

Techno fans can be a cruel, heartless bunch sometimes, just ask techno don Ricardo Villalobos. His set at Cocoon In Park this weekend was so bad apparently the entire festival abused him about it on Facebook afterwards.

When the festival posted a picture of him with the caption, “Ricardo Villalobos has just taken control of Temple Newsam”, the entire festival seemingly took to Facebook to tell him – and the festival – what they really thought about his set.

Some of the comments are so harsh you’d think he played a EDM set, or worse didn’t turn up, but no he was there, and judging by the pictures not completely off his face.

Here’s some of the most colourful responses to his failed DJ set.

And remember, DJs have feelings too.

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