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Stream Moonlight Matters’ Piano-Laden Remix of Hot Chip’s ‘Need You Now’

Sebastiaan Vandevoorde resurrects his all-but forgotten disco alias Moonlight Matters for a brand-new remix of Hot Chip’s ‘Need You Now’.

More recently Vandevoorde has been focussing his attention on Arches, a collaboration alongside Sound of Stereos’ Jochen Sablon, and while that particular project focusses on house, Moonlight Matters is a Vandevoorde’s disco calling card.

Speaking about this remix, Vandevoorde said: “When I first heard “Need You Now” I instantly felt a strong connection with the track, it’s one of those tracks that just grabs your attention and puts you in a distinctive and nostalgic mood. Alexis’s magical vocals tones never cease to amaze and that Sinnamon vocal sample is just the icing on the cake of what seems to be the perfect blend.

“It was Mark (Ralph), who produced the record and with whom I had been working on a different project at the time who pointed me out to the video as well which is AMAZING!,” he adds.

“I already had a clear picture in mind of what I’d do to the track when the Hot Chip boys gave me the opportunity to remix this piece of gold. Kid in a candy store.”

“I wanted to keep the original mood of the track in tact yet make a very personal reinterpretation upping the energy and the diva factor. Hence the pianos, drone bass and club drops… Hope I’ve done it justice !!!”

Stream Seba’s piano-laden remix that sees Vandevoorde pair up the original’s vocal against thrashing synth lines and a possessed Steinway for a thrilling disco remix.


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.