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LeBreton ‘Kollabo’ Review

It’s good to hear an artist who has found their voice, or in this case, their sound.

LeBreton has his style nailed down. Unashamedly beat-driven, his tracks have a fantastic raw, gritty, analog feel, and sound so much more real than a lot of the electronica floating around at the moment. Technically polished without the sound having too much shine, catchy without being melodically overloaded, and driving without being monotonous, the 3 new tracks we’ve just got our hands on are fine indeed.

There’s not a lot of actual music in this EP – each track seems to hinge on one particular riff, surrounded by bubbling beats pulsing in and out. Each track flashes you a riff then makes you wait for it to come round again, anticipation building all the while. Realistically the tracks could all be a couple of minutes shorter, but that would be to their detriment as you’d lose all the tension built up waiting for those sick little melodies.

The favourite of mine on here is ‘Sprung’, specifically the tiny little snare that makes a rare appearance from time to time. Like plenty of other stuff that’s going on in this EP, that little snare is an indicator that a lot of care has gone into the rhythmic side of the music – this isn’t just ‘build 4 bars then repeat with CTRL-D’. It’s craftsmanship – a quality that some lack, and it’s what makes this EP shine where so many fade into the background.

After a previous release on Blood Music LeBreton has decided to experiment with a self-release, so this one’s only available via Bandcamp from the 19th.