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New Documentary ‘Do You Own The Dance Floor’ Charts The Cultural Impact of The Haçienda

Let’s not beat around the bush, when the Haçienda burst onto the wind swept streets of Manchester in the 1980s it changed the world.

A new documentary – ‘Do You Own The Dance Floor’, which will be getting its premiere at Glastonbury this weekend – looks to chart the cultural impact of the nightclub, which spawned the acid house movement and arguably laid the foundations for dance music and club culture as we know it today.

The film will be shown for the first time this weekend at the Groovy Movie Cinema tent at Glastonbury on Sunday from 6pm, where they will be serving tea, as well as hosting a free raffle for a piece of Hacienda dancefloor.

Opened in 1982, the venue was billed as a Factory Records sponsorsed venue, and was financed by the profits from Tony Wilson’s Factory Records.

Check out the trailer above and below, and if you’re at Glastonbury then make sure you go and check out the special screening, which features candid interviews with past patrons whose lives were changed by the iconic nightclub, as well as finding out what happened to the 69 pieces of the club that were auctioned off in November 2000 and ended up in all four corners of the world.

In November 2000, many of the key elements from the iconic venue the Hacienda ended up as 69 lots at a charity auction before it was demolished to make way for a block of apartments.

It resulted in parts of the nightclub – the epicenter of Manchester’s pop culture in the 1980s and 1990s – being scattered across the world.

As well as the auction, our film tracks down what happened to the parts of the club itself, whose famous industrial design by interiors guru Ben Kelly included motorway cat’s eyes, traffic bollards and hazard signs.

The documentary isn’t just about the Haçienda. It’s also about the people so affected by their times there, that they had to come to Manchester to bid for bricks, toilets, exit signs and even pieces of the hallowed dance floor –and also about where those mementos are now.

All profits from the film will be going to Kidneys for Life & Cancer Research.


Be sure to checkout this excellent detailed timeline that looks back through the history of the club and the people behind it, too. http://www.fac51thehacienda.com/hacienda-story

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.