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One of the various things that’s popped up in my music pile over the last few days is Lars Wickinger’s new album ‘The Unknown Side Of The Moon’.

I’ll admit to being slightly put off by the fact that the album title is a bit rubbish, but I gave it a listen anyway, and there are a few standout tracks – the best of these being ‘One Of Those Boys’ featuring Skelly.

The vocal here is immediately reminiscent of Underworld’s most famous hook, right down to the way the reverb and delay have been applied, but rather than feeling like a rip-off this actually brings a note of familiarity to a track which is very different in all other respects.

There’s a pleasant and playful bounce running through the track stemming from the very first drum loop, with its slight off-beat stutter, and continuing through the rounded, disjointed bassline and occasional quirky organ stab.

Have a listen here, and consider browsing the rest of the album too.

James Brown

is a musician/producer from the north-east of England, now residing in a charmingly frenetic area of north London. He is generally engrossed in music production under his Plainview moniker, and has a soft spot for old-school sci-fi novels with badly drawn covers. You can find him out and about in Dalston and Stoke Newington most weekends, or Djing at his residency for club night French Cafe. Feel free to contact James at james_philip_brown@yahoo.co.uk