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Jay-Z Reckons Tidal Has Been Targeted By a Multi-Million Dollar Smear Campaign

Last week Tidal fell out of iTunes’ top grossing chart leading many to speculate that the newly launched music streaming service is already struggling to compete with its main rivals.

That was further compounded when it was revealed the Spotify was in the top three in 18 different countries, grossing more that Candy Crush Saga in many cases.

This weekend Tidal’s owner Jay-Z took to his twitter to state that company was “doing just fine” and “iTunes wasn’t built in a day”.

But it was actually another tweet that caught our attention, “There are many big companies that are spending millions on a smear campaign. We are not anti-anyone, we are pro-artist & fan.”

Jay-Z seems to be suggesting that the perceived backlash towards the company is being orchestrated by other companies who are paying millions to discredit him and his service.

Whether that’s true or not we don’t know, he doesn’t exactly provide any proof, but from our perspective the backlash stems from a creepy launch event and a real lack of value for money.

Apparently, the rap mogul has sent his cousin to Nigeria to find new talent too – and that’s kinda that our main issue with Tidal, it’s all a bit odd, last week the service streamed a boxing match….yeah, a boxing match, then they sacked its CEO and 25 staff. And now we’ve got a “smear campaign” – not exactly an inspiring start.

The final tweet from Jay-Z possibly summed it up best, “We are human (even Daft Punk ha). We aren’t perfect – but we are determined.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.