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Throwing up and clubs, surprisingly, go hand-in-hand. And one rather unfortunate American found this out the hard way last weekend.

Fans of Above and Beyond will no doubt know about the trio’s push-the-button stage thingy, it’s where they invite one lucky fan on stage the press a button to kick of the next track.

It’s quite an honour apparently.

Well, during the trio’s performance this weekend in America one of the group’s fans was invited on stage to press the button. But she didn’t press the button, no. (I think you see where we’re going) Yep. She’s puked on it instead.

For whatever reason (I think we all know what it is) she just couldn’t help herself and bundered all over the mixer and decks, but better still apparently the trio played on. Ew.

Via DJ Mag

Andrew Rafter

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