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Swiss producer Le Twan is an accomplished musician who has honed is craft over the years as a drummer for several bands dabbling in everything from indie to metal. Later on he inevitably was bitten by the electronic bug and ever since has been focusing his energies into DJing and producing.

He has just released his new ‘Moon Dust’ EP via Mojear Records, and after just one listen you understand that he really means the word EP in the old school sense of the word. He’s not interested in an EP that consists of one track remixed eight times, Le Twan wants to take us on short musical journey that takes in everything from 80s sounding indie guitars to cosmic disco leads to plump funk riffs.

Upon hearing the first track ‘Moon Dust’ you are brought straight away into outer space with some squelchy funk bassline and cosmic sounding synths. ‘Zenita’, the following track, starts off in the same vein but changes upon the introduction of some very indie sounding guitars that are offset by cheery synth bleeps that make this track stand out from the others.

The last few tracks all wear their influences on their sleeves for all to hear. ‘Kolobok’ is pure 80s electro funk that has a slight air of Michael Jackson. While ‘Kirisame’ sounds similar to the classic by The Orb ‘Lil Fluffy Clouds’, if it was played by a live band. Closing track ‘Whigs’ and ‘Kippahs’ brings to mind old Front 242 with its 80s sounding percussion and synthesiser hooks.

What’s clear from Twan’s EP is that the Swiss beat-maker has music coursing through his veins and on the tracks where Le Twan manages to juxtapose the different genres of music all at once without letting one take over is where this EP really shines. Ambitious in scope and scale this an EP thats wants to take the listener on a journey through space and is quite successful in doing so.

HBF Rating 3/5



is a blogger and DJ from Dublin, Ireland. Originally a co-founder & DJ at NoDisko he often edits music for dancers, performers and burlesque artists. He also previously edited performance music for Sedition Industries, (Dublins premier avant-garde performance & Dance Troupe). More recently he can be found surrounded by beautiful models when guest DJing at Dr. Sketchys Dublin Anti-Art School and special events.