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Hacking away at the broken corpse of old rave, fidget and the darker side of house music, Brussels-based producer Polydor, aka Thomas Houthave, has reassembled the best parts into a living, breathing 4-track EP that is out today via Mason’s Animal Language.

The title track ‘Nestor’ channels everything from electro-clash to deep house, for a prickly piece of electro that harks back to the good ol’ days of electro, circa 2006. There’s a good dollop of atmosphere in their, too, as unnerving synths mingle with the clattering drums and spooky vocal samples for a track that has real club presence.

Elsewhere you’ll find ‘Down Down’ a twisted piece of low-key tech house that marries simple percussion with distorted synth hooks and flourishes of effects to really drive the track forward. ‘Hyperactive’, is arguably our favourite and falls somewhere between the two, it starts out as a barren piece of house backed by a shimmering basslines, as the track develops it picks up more atmosphere as Polydor dials in demomic synths and driving effects for a chugging piece of dark big-room techno.

‘Nestor’ gets a second bite of the cherry as Polydor refurbs the oringal into a folksy piece of electronic dance, it’s pretty leftfield, but completely works as contrast to what come before it: 3 uncompromising club cuts.

HBF rating 4/5

Grab an exclusive free download of ‘Hyperactive’ below.

We invited Polydor to take part in our popular introducing interview series, it went a little something like this.

HBF: Why the name Polydor – a big fan of the label?

I’m a fan of the cycling legend (Raymond Poulidor), although its actually spelt differently. He was always second in the Tour de France but was very much loved by the crowd.

HBF: Who or what got you into producing?

I come from a band background. Then I started studying sound engineering in Amsterdam, and got to know a bunch of talented producers – and that basically got me started in making music.

HBF: Give us five words that best describes Polydor?

Difficult question, as I have no formula. Every track is a struggle. I always want things to be different from the last. Not a good perspective from a marketing point of view, but that’s how it is.

HBF: Tell us about your new EP – how did it end up on Mason’s Animal Language?

I’ve been a fan of the label for quite a while. And when I did a remix for Mason feat Roisin Murphy a while back, we started talking. And one thing led to another.

HBF: You’re from a long linage of DJs who played at Libertine Supersport – why is it such a special place? What’s its secret?

Its a very special place, strong line-ups, extravagant people, super friendly people. And before I started playing there years ago it was my favourite club. Basically you have to see it to believe it.

HBF: Who should we be keeping an eye on from your local scene?

It’s not a producer or one specific DJ to keep an eye on, its a local scene. In my hometown of Ghent there’s really a great house scene emerging. With great DJ’s like Bafana, Dinky Toys, Just Nathan, with parties like Alpha & Nachtvögels leading this young pack of house wolves. They are backed up by clubs like Charlatan & the infamous Club69 giving them a perfect playground to host their shows.

HBF: What can we expect from you in the future – any remixes or originals we should know about?

I’m currently writing a new EP, though there’s no label for it yet. I am also just remixing a Belgian summer classic “Ticket Naar de Zon” from Superdiesel. It’s gonna be the title track to Club Petrol’s (Antwerp) summer concept.

HBF: If your studio was on fire and you could go back and save one thing what would its be and why?

My analog synths, they are so quirky and old, nothing ever sounds the same.

HBF: Tell us a secret about yourself that nobody knows?

I constantly forget people’s faces and names. Sometimes I discover who someone is while talking to them. Then suddenly it hits me; aaah! Thats where I know you from.

HBF: If you weren’t making music, what do you think you’d be doing instead?

Probably doing a top job in a big company, swimming in money and beautifull women – but i’d rather do this instead.

Out now on Beatport: btprt.dj/ZGQUcd


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.