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French production prodigy and Kitsune favourite, Pyramid has just released his latest remix of sweet pop head-bopper, ‘Time For A Change’ by duo Elephanz.

The Pyramid reincarnation of the Elephanz’s original is deeper, darker and quite frankly scarier than the band version, giving this tune a refreshingly unexpected ‘late night’ feel.

Kicking off with a blissful tinkling opener, Pyramid swiftly drops a killer bass lick, closely supported by balanced percussion and coupled with a smattering of the original’s vocal melody.

So what makes it special?

Well, this remix smacks of authenticity, something that was slightly amiss from Pyramid’s recent EP effort, ‘So Far Gone’ with fellow French up-start Le Crayon. Although produced well and perfectly palatable, seemed to lack some of that big beat flare that we’ve come to expect from Pyramid’s signature sound.

Thankfully, Pyramid’s bumpin’ groove is back and has been perfectly applied to ‘Time for A Change’, leaving the listener in no doubt that this tune has been masterfully reborn.


Charlotte Lucy Cijffers

is a freelance writer and founder of music blog Chase The Compass. An Australian export turned loyal Londonist, Charlotte enjoys all things Techno, House and Disco and knows the whole dance to ‘Thriller.’ When she’s not listening to or writing about music, she can be found researching her next travel destination, awkwardly leaning in photographs or nursing her peanut butter addiction.