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Daft Punk Remixes From Ash Reynolds & Housemeister

So now that the hysteria surrounding Daft Punk’s new album has died down a bit we thought we’d share a couple of edits/remixes that have come our way which aren’t completely terrible.

First up you’ve London disco producer Ash Reynold who’s taken ‘Beyond’ to the surgeons table for a great low-key French touch remix – it’s well worth checking out.

Boys Noize man Housemeister has also done re-edit of Giorgio By Moroder’ – he’s added some kicks and generally given the track a bit of club structure – you can grab a 320 mastered version below.

Daft Punk have also confirmed they will be remixing a selection of tracks from the new album, with ‘Get Lucky’ first on the list, which will be available by the end of June.