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Somehow, someway, we’ve been treated to another synth-inspired journey courtesy of Los Angeles duo, Classixx and their label, Innovative Leisure. Classixx released their debut album during the Daft Punk hysteria, but that hasn’t stopped them from being spotted everywhere from Times Square in New York, to sold out venues in California for tours with The Presets and Holy Ghost!

‘Valley Vacation’ is a signature Classixx track through and through. It’s easily filed under “beach music” and “summertime jams” along with the majority of the tracks off their debut album, ‘Hanging Gardens’.

The steady percussion slowly builds with quick, high pitched, synth effects and background balearic soundscapes until it crescendos in a short saxophone solo/disco breakdown.

This is the kind of vacation that will both accompany students on their summer holidays, and relieve the employed from their work duties for just a couple minutes. Either way, it works.

‘Hanging Gardens’ is out now.

Written by Sam Schoonover.

Sam Schoonover

is the Founder of WallflowerFood.com, a playlist based music blog where artists write about their own music. After a number of extended love affairs with various types of music, he finally found the magic somewhere between disco, indie dance, and live electronica. He's passionate about music technology and putting together events. He enjoys being that guy who walks around on the boardwalk with mobile speakers.