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Brussels producer Mickey teams up with Toronto-based vocalist Jeremy Glenn for a new single ‘Heartstrings’, which is out now via Smile Recordings, and comes with a remix from UK house duo Aashton and Swift.

On the original, Jeremy Glenn’s soulful vocal additions compliment Mickey’s progressive lead synth to create a warm retro pop song, with plenty of guitar licks and tropical flavored percussion to keep the mood light and upbeat.

The dub version is a deeper affair with heavily sampled vocal effects mingling with the solid 4/4 beat and the playful chord progression for just the right amount of dance sensibility.

UK house duo Aashton and Swift completely stripped out the track for their remix, and create a playful deep house remix with just enough of that warm melody to hold your attention.

Written By Sam Schoonover.
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Sam Schoonover

is the Founder of WallflowerFood.com, a playlist based music blog where artists write about their own music. After a number of extended love affairs with various types of music, he finally found the magic somewhere between disco, indie dance, and live electronica. He's passionate about music technology and putting together events. He enjoys being that guy who walks around on the boardwalk with mobile speakers.