Kavinsky ‘Protovision’

Published On February 12, 2013 | By Andrew Rafter | Premieres
old friend

Kavinsky’s debut album is almost upon us – and while we still need a couple of days to gather our thoughts for our review – we can reveal the album has been more than worth the 7-year wait. It’s insanely good.

Before the album drops there’s the small matter of a couple more ‘Protovision’ remixes (more?) yes. To be honest we aren’t exactly familiar with Blood Orange, who is Dev Hynes. But he’s certainly got our attention now, his remix includes an new vocal line from Lou Hayter (The New Sins, Tomorrow’s World) and might well be the dark horse of the bunch. Check it out preview below. Our only gripe is it’s not really a remix and more a brand new track.

And the only other remix we haven’t mentioned is Turzi Crack remix. Again, we’ve never really heard of them but they actually they do a sterling jobs of mixing Moby-like groans over the bass hook for almost drunken ode to ‘Protovision’.

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