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Yesterday we brought you the amazing Jupiter remix of Yan Wagner’s new remixes single ‘Changed, which is out today.

We’re actually playing catchup with Wagner’s latest works, and haven’t actually listened to his debut ‘Forty Eight Hours’ which came out in October of last year, but we did catch a intimate performance by him alongside Jupiter & Juveniles in December 2012.

‘Changed’ was actually produced alongside Paris producer Arnaud Rebotini, and after about 30 seconds you’ll immediately pickup on his acidic, rubberised basslines.

The song is actually an infectious blende of 80’s upbeat pop and Moroder disco – tied together with an exquisite bongo line – that contrasts really well against Wagner’s crooning vocals, which aren’t overused.

Elsewhere you’ve got a stomping remix from Rebotini, who concentrates on the pulsating bassline as he layers in the percussion with quirky synth lines and the odd bit of the vocal.

Next up, you’ve got a remix from The Hacker, who runs Zone Music alongside fellow Parisian Gesaffelstein. So you should probably expect pounding cosmic techno, with a laser-like obsession on just one hook.

And Tristesse Contemporaine creates a new genre: ketno. Yeah, no thanks.


Andrew Rafter

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