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Monsieur Adi is back to his very best with his latest remix for dutch electro producer, and DJ, Don Diablo. The French producer has remixed Don’s new single ‘M1 Stinger’ which is coming out on Columbia Records on January 21.

The single, part of a series of EPs, follows the release of the Lights Out EP in October of and will be available as both a 4-track EP and 6-track remix package.

Adi’s remix isn’t the electro that you might be expecting, but instead is an 80s electronic love song, brimming full of emotion as the Parisian focusses on spell-binding the vocal, which is the strongest part of the original.

As the song progresses Adi layers his baroque stings over the top of the eccentrically looping vocal, and then ties the whole track together with a smokey electronic lead guitar. It’s basically the work of a true electronic craftsman and in our eyes is almost certainly the best remix we’ve heard Adi do in quite sometime.


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.