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Hans-Peter Lindstrøm has been making electronic music for just under 10 years; during this time he’s released 2 albums, made countless remixes and formed memorable partnerships with Christabelle and Prins Thomas. His latest album ‘Smalhans’ sees the unassuming Norwegian producer return to his analogue roots and away from his more experimental second album ‘Six Cups Of Rebel ’.

Smalhans is certainly Lindstrøm’s most danceable album, perfectly suited for a club environment. It begins with ‘Rà-àkõ-st’, which lays-out the basic elements of the album: doughy basslines, steady disco percussion and fiery cosmic leads. It immediately grabs the listener with the opening 80’s psychedelic lead that washes over the track alongside garrulous acid stabs – that is until Lindstrom drops in unexpected slice of MJ’s ‘Thriller’ bassline to tie it altogether.

Mixed alongside his fellow countryman Todd Terje, ‘Smalhans’ is an analogue thoroughbred in every sense of the word. It’s warm, bulbous and joyous; managing to touch numerous sub genres in a big-tent approach from the progressive trance leads of ‘Lāmm-ęl-āār’ to the darker, Italo of ‘Ęg-gęd-ōsis’. It’s an album of very little waste and is almost scientific in its approach to composition and layering. Very rarely do you find an album that is so effective at holding the listener in one emotion and intensity.

The greatest achievement ‘Smalhans’ represents is its ability to unify elements of house, techno, disco and italo without being able to notice the stitches of where they’ve been joined together. It’s incredibly hard to pin down the ingredients as if it’s made like a precise recipe; a collection of ingredients, that when brought together creates someting entirely new. ‘Smalhans’ doesn’t twist and turn but merely points to the stars and flies – it’s an incredibly more-ish album and showcases a big-tent approach that is an enthralling listen from start to finish.

HBF Rating 5/5

Out November 5 via Smalltown Supersound.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.