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Manchester’s Delphic have finally given their new album a name and, most importantly, a release date of January 28. Made in a farm just outside Manchester ‘Collections’ was then produced in part by Tim Goldsworthy and Ben Allen in America.

It’s easily their most ambitious album to date and takes an assured step away from their darker electronic influences and replaces them with brighter hip hop influences. Ultimately this change manifest itself as a more complex album, with a greater range of styles and emotions.

“We are the kind of band who never struggle for ideas, but have quality control mechanisms more intricate and complicated than algorithms can describe. We didn’t want to make an album that replicated ‘Acolyte’, that more-of-the-same-again approach seems all too abundant at the moment and it doesn’t interest us in the slightest, so we set out to challenge ourselves. In many ways this album has been a process of re-learning what we thought we knew.

Check out the rather fetching teaser below, which was made with the help of a Kinect camera.

1. Of The Young
2. Baiya
3. Changes
4. Freedom Found
5. Atlas
6. Tears Before Bedtime
7. The Sun Also Rises
8. Memeo
9. Don’t Let The Dreamers Take You Away
10. Exotic

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.