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We’ve been a bit slack of late with Mighty Mouse’s most recent output – so we thought it would be nice to lump it altogether in a special ‘Monday Night With Mighty Mouse’ post – by the time you’ve finished with this little lot, you’ll be craving some form of tasty cheesy snack and Guinness.

First up, MM has uploaded a new remix for Future Unlimited who are David Miller & Samuel D’Amelio – according to their incredibly insightful bio “We create music” – which doesn’t really help us all that much. So, sorry dudes, that’s all you’re getting.

The remix is fab with a nice driving edge to it, but it never strays into the foothills of Bangistan. There’s plenty of clever synth work amongst the bulbous kicks, bass hooks and chatty xylophone’s – it’s seems MM is really finding his feet with more club-y productions – we’d go for the dub version, but that’s because male vocalists make us feel uneasy.

Next up, is MM’s remix if Herve’s new single with Ronika – again, it’s proves that we are seeing a shift to more club-orientated MM productions, but this is time it’s a more pyschedlic palette, mixed with some lovely downbeat grooves and Ronikia’s unique vocal over the top.

And to finish, seemingly still high after playing Mambo and Amnesia last week (a first for nu-disco?) we’ve got a new mixtape. Not a bad night in if you ask us.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.